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Matrixcomsec FXS Gateways

Matrixcomsec FXS Gateways

Matrix Company Overview

Matrix is a leader in the VoIP, GSM, Key Phone System and PBX market. An innovative, technology driven and customer focused organization; the company is committed to keep pace with revolutions in the telecom industry. This has resulted in bringing forth cutting edge products like VoIP Phones, VoIP Gateways, VoIP ATA, GSM FCT, GSM Gateways, SMB PBX, Enterprise PBX, Hotel PBX, Voice Messaging Products, Communication Security Products and PLCC Switches. With over 1,500,000 line units installed and growing by over 1500 line units per day, the installed base of Matrix connects over 15,000,000 calls every day. Thus, Matrix has gained the trust and admiration of users representing the entire spectrum of industries. Matrix has won many awards for its innovative products.


Matrix Telecom Solutions are:-

IP-PBXs for SOHO, SMB and Enterprise.

VoIP Gateways.

VoIP GSM/3G Gateways.

VoIP Analog Telephone Adaptors.

VOIP Phones.

VoIP Digital/E1 Gateways.


Get your Matrix Telecom Prodcuts solutions today contact us.


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Matrix SETU ATA211G VoIP-GSM-FXS Adaptor SETU ATA1S and ATA2S are analog telephony adaptors with ..
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SETU VFX FAMILY Fixed VoIP to FXO-FXS Gateways   SETU VFX is a range of  multi-ch..
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Matrix VoIP gateway with 8 VoIP, 8 FXS and 1 FXO Ports [SETU VFX808] Matrix Fixed VoIP to FXO-FXS..
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Matrix 16 port FXS VoIP Gateway with 16 VoIP Channel - SETU VFTH0016 Fixed VoIP to FXO-FXS Gatewa..
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Matrix [SETU VFXTH0024] Fixes VoIP To FXS-FXS GATEWAYS   SETU VFX is a range of  mul..
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Matrix 32 port VoIP FXS gateway with 32 VoIP channel - SETU VFXTH0032 Fixed VoIP to FXO-FXS Gatew..
Based on 0 reviews.
Matrix 8 port FXO - 8 Port FXS VoIP Gateway with 16 VoIP Channel - [SETU VFXTH0808] Fixed VoIP to..
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Matrix 16 port FXO - 16 Port FXS VoIP Gateway with 32 VoIP Channel - [SETU VFXTH1616] Fixed VoIP ..
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