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Patton FXS Gateway

Patton FXS Gateway

About Patton

Patton Electronics was founded in 1984 by Burt and Bobby Patton to make modems and connectivity products. Over the past few years, Patton has invested heavily in the G.SHDSL transmission and VoIP Technologies. These investments resulted in a line of Voice and Data Gateways, Servers, Routers and integrated access solutions for TDM, Packet, Leased Lines, Multi-Services and Dial-Up

Patton is a leader in the production of network access and connectivity products including, Voice over IP (VoIP), G.SHDSL ipDSLAMs, broadband transmission, dial-up (V.90) and dedicated (xDSL) access servers, network termination units (NTUs), base-band and short-range modems, fiber-optic modems, interface converters and surge protectors.

Patton is building on its expertise in integrated network access, transmission, IP and Frame Relay technologies and leading in the development of right-priced products to simplify access to the global network.

Why buy Patton?

  • Unlike their competitors, Patton's gateways include FREE post sales technical support and configuration help, including a 1 year warranty.
  • Patton's SmartNode products offer gateway and router solutions with just about every telephony interface: PRI, BRI, T1, E1, etc so they will work with your network!
  • SmartNode supports SIP, H.323, and MGCP VoIP technologies.


  • SmartNode is a mature product, it has stood the test of time and is tested and deployed in hundreds of real-world networks.
  • When using 3CX, Patton works seamlessly as your gateway to the PSTN. Simply choose your Patton Gateway from the 3CX drop down menu.

Shop by Category

  • Patton Analog Gateways
  • Patton Digital Gateways
  • Patton 4110 Series gateways
  • Patton 4300 Series gateways
  • Patton 4400 Series gateways
  • Patton 4520 Series gateways
  • Patton 4900 Series gateways
  • Patton 4940 Series gateways*
  • Patton 4950 Series gateways**
  • Patton 4970 Series gateways
  • Patton 4980 Series gateways

*The Patton SN4940 is being phased out and replaced with the 4970! Check it out!


**The Patton SN4950 is being phased out and replaced with the 4980!

Patton Links

  • Patton Support Services
  • Datasheets for Patton Gateways
  • Free Patton Firmware Upgrades


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